Group Discount

Enjoy trip yourself is good.
Enjoy trip together is even better.

Wherever there’s a group of people planning their trip together,
they should all be enjoying it at the same great level.
We are here to support your trip! Come enjoy better price and experience!

You will get additional 15% off

If you meet at least one of the following conditions:

- Buy 10 luggage or more at a time
- Order exceed 120,000฿ at a time

If you are about to order a lot more than that, contact us via email—
We are glad to help!

Right to Cancel Program or Change Terms
Departure reserves the right to cancel the Group Discount Program and to revise these Group Discount Program Terms at anytime. If we make any material changes to these Group Discount Program Terms, we will not notify you of those changes by posting them on the Terms of Service or by sending you an e-mail or other notification.
Promotion Details
The discount should not be added up with Refer-A-Friend program.