Happiness is about sharing.

We all love discounts.
We all love sharing nice experience with our beloved ones.
Let’s earn the money and share the happiness at the same time.

What you will get?

Get everything below when your friends spend 8,000฿ or more. So ask them to!

Cash Reward*

Additional Discount

How does it work?

Share your link.

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Complete an order.

Your friends place an order thru the link.

Both get rewarded.

Congrats! The reward is on the way to your pocket.

Right to Cancel Program or Change Terms
Departure reserves the right to cancel the Refer-a-Friend Program and to revise these Refer-A-Friend Program Terms at anytime. If we make any material changes to these Refer-A-Friend Program Terms, we will not notify you of those changes by posting them on the Terms of Service or by sending you an e-mail or other notification. If the Refer-A-Friend Program is terminated, any unclaimed Referral Rewards will be forfeited at that time.

Equivalent Value
Regardless of which currency you set, cash rewards will be always paid out in the USD equivalent amount via PayPal. Let’s say if you are supposed to get 600฿ from your friend’s order, you will get the USD equivalent amount of 600฿ via PayPal. For more inforamtion on the exchange rate with international payments, please refer to Paypal's User Agreement

Delivery of the cash rewards is handled by the ReferralCandy app automatically through: PayPal - the reward will be sent directly to the advocate's PayPal account by ReferralCandy. If the advocate does not have a PayPal account, they will be directed to PayPal to set one up.