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Our Story

With us, you can go anywhere.

Enjoy the moment.

We are a brand solely dedicated to make you enjoy every moment of your journey. We strongly believe that luggage plays an important role in travel – often enough it ends up being your home between homes. As a businessman, our founder has travelled most of his life, having witnessed and experienced firsthand the issues and struggles that may arise due to broken or damaged luggage. The desire to help make a difference and allow everyone to have a smooth travelling experience, led him to found Departure.

That's the idea, and the mission,
behind everything we do.

Design for all.

Our luggage and travel accessories are carefully crafted with utmost care and attention to details. We are aware of the rough journey your luggage takes until it reaches the baggage claim, that’s why each of our pieces combines uncompromised quality and superb craftsmanship. Every product goes through over a 100 quality control steps and takes 6 major performance tests to deliver a luggage that’s highly functional, maneuverable and quietly supports every step of your trip.

— With us, you can go anywhere.

Suitcases for a new generation of travelers.

Accessible to more.

To create a world where people can pay less to enjoy their travel, we have our approach to reduce the price from the very beginning to the customer. At the same time when we help save money for our customer, we do not compromise any of the world class materials we used and the top standards of quality.

Direct to Customer model

Start new journey. Now.

Get ready to depart and experience travel on a whole new level.