Let's Collab and Work Together!

Our Departure Thailand Team is looking for partners to spread our Mission and Products throughout Thailand and the world! We are thrilled to collaborate in different ways with people who love travel like YOU. We are sure that our high-quality luggage and travel merchandise will definitely upgrade your travel game!

In the past ten years, we have a lot of experience working with different type of partners. What we believe that makes the relationship successful is to work together towards mutual goal and objectives. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have some ideas in mind.

Below are some ways of collaboration might inspire you to picture a better journey:

We are willing to support any type of creative works. Let’s advocate the travel and encourage everyone to explore the wonderful world.

หIf you are planning something which is travel-related, email us and tell us which type of assistance you need. You might refer the types of sponsorship as below:

- TV program or MV production
- Travel magazine, photography, or video creation
- Tourism-related event (e.g. workshop, open ceremony, open house, expo, etc.)

Send us an email to th and include the information below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

- Name
- Contact Information
- Purpose & Content
- Other related documents

We want you to join us if you love to share your experience (lifestyle) with others. We believe our products are the best for travelers no matter their quality or design. Shall we collaborate so more people know how good we are doing in life?

No matter you are a Blogger, YouTuber, or Instagrammer, etc., just let us know you want to join us. Send us an email to with the information below:

- What is your name?
- How can we contact you?
- Why do you want to join our Influencer Program?
- What type of content do you usually create? (E.g. video, live stream, photo, article)
- What social medias do you usually use? Please list out them by Name or URL.

Reward your partners, employees with luggage or suitcase chosen by experienced travelers.
Or share a great offer with your friends who you are planning to travel together.

If you are looking for premium and quality products for companies, organizations, or groups, we will have you coved! We can tailor orders and design to meet your needs. Your need, your way.

Drop us an email to and provide the information below:

- Company name
- Contact information
- Commodity demand & amount
- Which product you are interested in
- Other requests

Our consulting/sales team will get in touch to provide you with a personal tailor-made quote. The above things can help us accelerate the collaboration process.

Collisions spark creativity. We enjoy co-creating ideas with different fields or backgrounds of people. That's why we are always open to fresh ideas.

If you are the one that we talked about, contact us right away! Looking forward to having a short talk and kickstart the discussion together.

Contact us via and provide the information below:

- Company Name
- Contact Information
- Proposal & Planning

We are looking for resellers/distributors/e-commerce sites in Thailand and Worldwide.

Are you looking for stylish products for your retail stores or e-commerce sites?
You are on the right page!

Do you like our products but do not know how to start?
Send us an email to and provide the information below:

- Company Name
- Contact Information
- Store Location
- Website
- Brands and categories you offered in your store.
- Documents, media, or portfolios about your business.

If you have some other possible collaboration in mind,
feel welcome to email us or contact us via the following contact information:

Facebook: @DepartureTH  

Instagram: departure.luggage.thailand

LinkedIn: Departure Thailand

Line Official Account: @DepartureTH

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