The Suit with Brakes S
The Suit with Brakes S
The Suit with Brakes S

The Suit with Brakes S

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Regular price17,200.00 ฿
ภาษี รวมถึง ค่าจัดส่งจะคำนวณในขั้นตอนการชำระเงิน

Features & Details

  • Durable 100% virgin Makrolon® polycarbonate hard shell
  • Stain-proof and water-resistant 100% polyester lining with well-organized compression system
  • 360° resilient polyurethane solid spinner wheels
  • Anodized aerospace-grade aluminum with ergonomic 3-stage telescopic handle
  • Reboundable functionality with genuine leather handle
  • Premium anodized aerospace-grade aluminium corner guards
  • Rear two wheels with exclusive patented brake function design
  • Integrated TSA-approved lock and slim aluminum frame


  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 54 x 37 x 24 cm
  • Volume: 37 L

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Quietly Extraordinary.

The Eclipse Series is inspired by and named after the reflection of remarkable change and individuality found in an eclipse. Just as the eclipse stands out amidst the sky, it embodies the essence of bold distinction.

Our Eclipse Series captures the art of being extraordinary without excess, inviting you to redefine elegance in your own quiet yet captivating way.

Orange in Detail.

Influenced by the predominant hue of the solar eclipse, our orange detailing — spanning from the aluminum frame and wheels to the brake system button — has been meticulously infused with the captivating color.

Perfect Security.

With an integrated TSA-approved lock and anodized aerospace-grade aluminum corner guards, our luggage ensures that both your belongings and the luggage itself are well-protected. You can travel with peace of mind knowing that your luggage is safe and secure.

Cozy in Your Hands.

Reboundable functionality with genuine leather handle. Soft-to-touch environmentally friendly thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wrapped by premium genuine leather top and side handles make it a pleasure to hold and easy to grip.

Details shape you and bring the best in you.

Built to last with 100% virgin Makrolon® polycarbonate shell that's lightweight and impact-resistant. 

The case embodies our distinctive stripe design with 3 unique types of polish—matte leather, glossy and satin—that optimizes function and durability.

The Best Rolling Experience.

Our signature Whisper-quiet 360° spinner wheels are designed for durability and control to deliver a smooth glide.

Thanks to premium ball bearings, They provide extremely quiet, stable and effortless steering experience on ANY surface in ANY direction.

Pause at a press.

Equipped with an exclusive patented rear two-wheel brake system that sets it apart from all other luggage. The system ensures that your luggage stays put during transit, preventing it from sliding around or getting damaged in transit.